Public holidays and Events in Nerja 2019/2020


Public holidays in Spain

Holidays can play a big role in your vacation planning. Popular sights and places can be very busy these days.

In Spain, there is a special holiday regulation. If a Holiday is on a Sunday people get a day off at the following Monday. For this reason, there can be a lot going on during the week on a Monday. You should pay attention to this when planning your vacation.

Public holidays in Nerja

2. January – Lunes siguiente a Año Nuevo
6. January – Epifanía del Señor
28. February – Día de Andalucía
13. April – Jueves Santo
14. April – Viernes Santo
1. May – Fiesta del Trabajo
15. May – Fiesta Local
15. August – Asunción de la Virgen
10. October – Virgen de las Angustias
12. October – Fiesta Nacional de España
1. November – Día de todos Los Santos
6. December – Día de la Constitución Española
8. December – La Inmaculada Concepción
25. December – Natividad del Señor

Nerja is a very active city and with its variety of events and traditions, it always has an exciting program for visitors. It is worthwhile to orient the vacation date at an event. So you get the opportunity to get to know the local culture and tradition in addition to tourism.

Events in Nerja 2019

05.01.2019 – Cabalgata de Reyes
06.01. – 17.01.2019 – Fiestas de San Antón in Maro
28.02. – 03.03.2019 – Carneval de Nerja
27.03.2019 – Día del Residente
14.04. – 21.04.2019 – Semana Santa
03.05.2019 – Cruces de Mayo
15.05.2019 – Romería de San Isidro
23./24.06.2019 – Noche de San Juan
29.06. – 03.08.2019 – Music festival in the caves of Nerja
16.07.2019 – Día de la Virgen del Carmen
14.08.2019 – Fiesta Blanca
08.09.2019 – Feria de las Maravillas de Nerja
Third week of september – Veladilla de San Miguel
27.09.2019 – Día Mundial del Turismo
Second week of october – Feria de Nerja
12.10.2019 – El día de la Hispanidad
31.10.2019 – Halloween
31.12.2019 – New Years Eve (Nochevieja)

Events in Nerja 2020

05.01.2020 – Cabalgata de Reyes
16.01. – 17.01.2020 – Fiestas de San Antón in Maro
20.02. – 23.02.2020 – Carneval de Nerja
no date announced – Día del Residente
05.04. – 11.04.2020 – Semana Santa
03.05.2020 – Cruces de Mayo
15.05.2020 – Romería de San Isidro
23./24.06.2020 – Noche de San Juan
no date announced – Music festival in the caves of Nerja
16.07.2020 – Día de la Virgen del Carmen
14.08.2020 – Fiesta Blanca
08.09.2020 – Feria de las Maravillas de Nerja
Third week of september – Veladilla de San Miguel
27.09.2020 – Día Mundial del Turismo
Second week of october – Feria de Nerja
12.10.2020 – El día de la Hispanidad
31.10.2020 – Halloween
31.12.2020 – New Years Eve (Nochevieja)

More information about the dates and my personal experiences can be found in the Events section.

Do you have any other tips about the dates and events in Nerja?

Have you already gained experience at one of these events? Are there any other events you liked in Nerja? I would be happy to hear from you in the comments.

Do you have any unanswered questions on this subject? Then just write me in the comments and I will answer them in the best possible way for you.

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