Feria in Nerja – the highlight of the year


Every year in the second week of October, the biggest folk festival in Nerja, the Feria starts in Nerja. In addition to a program of traditional music and events, children at the fair can also enjoy the fun. On five days, the Feria in Nerja offers a great mix of tradition and festivities. People wear Spanish costume and celebrate with local music and dancing. With exciting events and Andalusian customs, the Feria is the highlight of the year in Nerja.

What you can experience at the Feria in Nerja

There is no better time than the Feria to get to know the Andalusian traditions. On five days Nerja gives you the opportunity to experience the Spanish customs, the flamenco in dance and song and the common celebrations with the inhabitants. On these days, the people in the city are in euphoria, because it is celebrated on every street and laughed. The inhabitants dress in traditional costume and accompany the festivities during parades and events. If your vacation is planned at this time, you can look forward to a great program during your visit.

The election of the queen and gentlemen of Nerja

The Feria begins with a tradition. Young ladies and gentlemen contest in competition and fight for a very special title. It’s about the election of the queen and gentleman of Nerja. At this event, the participants in different disciplines give their best to get the coveted title. The competition leads the audience through dance, singing, and self-presentation. On the first day of the Feria, the winners will be announced at the gala. The new queen and gentlemen will join the Feria in Nerja during performances and parades.

Fair in Nerja

Ghost Train, Car Scooter, and Cotton Candy. The fair at the Feria in Nerja brings a smile to the children’s face for five days. Families and friends can pass their time here until late at night. In addition to a selection of rides, there are plenty of snacks, stalls, and marquees with live music. Admission is free and worth a visit.

The big marquee with events and party

The focal point of the Feria is the large marquee. Every day Spanish musicians and bands perform on stage. The focus of the music is flamenco. The music style is an important part of Andalusia and echoes from every corner. At night a DJ motivates the visitors to party. For the night events usually, a few euros are required for entry. During daytime the marquee is free. If the big marquee is too full, you can venture into one of the smaller tents on the event grounds. There is also Spanish music for dancing and admission is free.

Programm für die Feria 2017 in Nerja
Feria 2017 in Nerja

The whole city gets wild

The whole city exudes joy and party mood. In many tapas bars and restaurants, people gather and meet for a drink. A very popular drink that is drunk during the Feria is the sweet wine Cartojal from Malaga. The pink bottle of wine is a real eye-catcher with the white dots. You drink in a group. Each person receives a small mug and is triggered with a loud “Salud”. The former venue Plaza Tutti Frutti opens its doors during the day and also accompanies the festivities with events and music.

Cartojal - www.bodecall.com
Cartojal – www.bodecall.com

Location and getting to the Feria

The event site is located on the parking lot east of the Balcon de Europa. Since parking is scarce at this time, I recommend switching to different parking spaces, which you can find in this post or the easiest way is to take public transport or taxi.

Background and story

Like almost every festivity in Spain, this custom has a religious background. The city is dedicating the feria to the saint. In Nerja, the inhabitants show their respect to the Virgin Angustias and the Archangel San Miguel.

Jungfrau Angustias
Virgin Angustias

The festivities begin at the end of September with a procession. The patron saint, the Virgin of Angustias, is brought from the chapel on the Plaza de la Ermita to the church of El Salvador. Nerja’s most important church, El Salvador, is over 300 years old and faces the promenade of the Balcon de Europa. Until the 10th of October, the Virgin is resting at this place, where locals and visitors can exercise their respect before returning to their usual resting place. On her way back to the Ermita de las Angustias she is accompanied by the Archangel San Miguel.

Church El Salvador
Church El Salvador

Since 1804, every year in Nerja in honor of the saints, the Feria is held. Five days of drinking, dancing and celebrating.

Alternatives to the Feria in Nerja

Your planning does not allow a visit to the Feria in Nerja? Then I would like to introduce you to three alternatives.

Feria in Malaga – mid of August

The largest city festival in Southern Europe takes place in Malaga. Over 2 million people visit the Feria in Malaga every year. It is celebrated in the city center and on the event grounds with countless bars and a funfair. If you’re into wild parties, do not miss the Feria in Malaga.

Feria in Maro – beginning of September

Maro is a district of Nerja. The Feria is relatively small but still worth a visit. With daily events, a small fair and tapas routes through the old town, this feria is also an experience.

Feria in Torrox – beginning of October

Torrox is next to Nerja. The city offers, as in Nerja a marquee, live music, and tapas routes through the city. A nice alternative to get an insight into the Spanish tradition and music.

Celebration and tradition in one spot

My experiences have always been good at the Feria in Nerja. Here, visitors can take a great look at local customs and their culture. The program offers events for young and old for several days. The Feria is definitely worth a visit if you want to get to know Nerja better in this way. The month of October offers you as a holiday pleasant temperatures and beach visits are possible depending on the weather. If you want to discover Nerja in a quiet atmosphere and without crowds, you should postpone your travel date.

Do you have any other tips about Feria in Nerja?

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