Balcon de Europa: The viewing platform with a great view of the Mediterranean Sea


Balcon de Europa – The heart of Nerja

The Balcon de Europa is the centre of Nerja and is a must for anyone visiting Nerja for the first time. The viewing platform is located in the centre of the old town, just a few metres from the Town Hall. You can’t miss it on a walk through the city. The attraction offers a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea and the breathtaking southern and northern coastline of the Costa del Sol. Access to the balcony is via a pedestrian promenade with palm trees. On the promenade there are several monuments and seats.

At the end of the promenade you come to the viewing platform, which is about 60 metres above sea level. From here you have a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea. The adjacent beaches Calahonda and El Salon also belong to the view. Those who want to catch a glimpse into the distance can use one of the blue telescopes at the railing.

At the Balcon de Europa you will find a variety of bars, cafés and ice cream parlours. If you’re sweating, you can cool off with a scoop of ice cream at the ice cream parlours opposite. Just the thing in the summer heat. The prices at the ice cream parlours at Balcón de Europa are a bit expensive, but they taste really good.

The beaches at the Balcón de Europa

The Balcon de Europa borders on the beaches of El Salon and Calahonda. Both are easily accessible by foot. Both are small, but offer a magnificent backdrop of steep cliffs, fishermen’s cottages and boats. Rocks around the balcony decorate the beach. Take some time and discover the beautiful corners you can find there. You can find more information about the beaches in my article These are the most beautiful beaches in Nerja.

Center for events and artists

Every year thousands of people visit the Balcón de Europa. The place is the central contact point for events and performances in Nerja. For every important event you will find a suitable decoration or event at the Balcón de Europa. At the Feria de Nerja, the folk festival in Nerja, for example, traditional flamenco performances take place at the Balcón de Europa. The Balcón de Europa is also the centre of many religious events because of the church opposite El Salvador. At Christmas a small market can be visited and at New Year’s Eve the big New Year celebration with fireworks takes place. As it is the busiest place in Nerja, artists and musicians regularly come to the balcony. The crowds at the sight are entertained with talented music performances or interesting show interludes.

The origin and history of the Balcón de Europa

Before the Balcon de Europa became a tourist attraction there was a military fortress at this place. The place was ideal to ward off attacks from enemies. Cannons still remind of the protective function of the viewing platform. In 1884, a violent earthquake shook large parts of the Axarquía. The earthquake caused many deaths in the region and destroyed most of the houses in Nerja. On this occasion, the current King Alfonso XII visited the city of Nerja and introduced the balcony with a moving speech. As a souvenir, there is a bronze statue on the balustrade of the balcony. The life-size King Alfonso XII is the favourite of tourists and group photos.

Many other souvenirs of the Balcon de Europa remind us of the history of Nerja. On the promenade, for example, you can find a statue of the discovery of the caves of Nerja. Another statue can be found at the passage below the Balcón de Europa. There you can see the fisherman Chanquete, who is looking at the beach Calahonda. The fisherman comes from the Spanish series Verano Azul, which was shot in the 80s in Nerja. Besides Chanquete you will find many other souvenirs of the series. The biggest is probably the fishing boat at the Park Verano Azul.

Location and parking facilities

The Balcon de Europa can be reached on foot and is located in the centre of the old town. Parking is available in the underground car park at Plaza de España. You can find more parking possibilities in Nerja in the article Journey to Nerja.

More beautiful views at the Balcón de Europa

Restaurant Rey Alfonso

The restaurant Rey Alfonso is located directly in the Balcon de Europa. Here you can order a meal with an excellent view, but at a reasonable price.

balcon de europa restaurant

Bakery Anahi

The bakery “Anahi” offers you an alternative sea view. You will find it at the entrance of the shopping street next to the Balcon de Europa. “Anahi” has a small balcony for your customers and offers you a great view of the balcony and the sea with a cup of coffee and cake.

Restaurant Marbella

Another beautiful sea view is offered by the restaurant Marbella behind the church El Salvador. The restaurant offers its guests a large terrace with tables offering an impressive view of the sea.

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