The 10 most beautiful cities in Andalusia around Nerja


In the region around Nerja, you will find the most beautiful cities in Andalusia. Due to Nerja’s central location, popular excursion destinations can be reached in just a few hours or minutes. It is a good idea to plan more time for your trip to get to know the beauties of the region better. Andalusia offers you a wide range of beautiful cities that attract millions of tourists every year. Whether the Mezquita in Cordoba, the Alhambra in Granada or the Giralda as well as Alcazar in Sevilla. These are just some of the top destinations you can find in Andalusia. In my article, I would like to give you an overview of the most beautiful cities you can reach from Nerja. The best choice for a day trip is your car or a rental car. Of course, there is also the possibility to book a tour. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of the cities with a travel guide.

The most beautiful cities in Andalusia – less than an hour’s drive from Nerja

Malaga (45 min)

The airport of Malaga is probably the place to travel to Andalusia or to Nerja. With it, you can plan to visit the city after your arrival or before your departure. If this doesn’t work out, Malaga can be reached from Nerja in only 45 minutes and is ideal for a day trip. The beautiful city offers you a breathtaking old town with Roman excavations, as well as many sights. Beside the museum of the famous painter Picasso, you will find a great harbour with Promenade, a bullring and the shopping street “Calle Larios”, which is especially worth seeing at Christmas due to the very elaborate decoration and light show.

Sights in Malaga:

  • The port of Malaga
  • old town
  • Alcazaba & Roman Theatre
  • Gibralfaro Burgu
  • Picasso Museum
  • Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación
  • bullring
  • Shopping street “Calle Larios”

Other tours and activities in Malaga:


Granada (50 min)

Granada lies in the Sierra Nevada and is known for its tapas culture. Many people rave that the tapas bars in Granada have the largest and best tapas in the world. The highlight is the Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Alhambra is the most impressive monument of Moorish architecture and Islamic art in Europe and is probably the most visited attraction in Andalusia. After a long day in the city, I can recommend a visit to the Arab baths to relax. They let you dive into the Arabic culture through the beautiful architecture of the spa and special relaxation treatments.

Sights in Granada:

  • Alhambra
  • Plaza Nueva and Paseo de los Tristes
  • Arab Baths – Baños Árabes
  • Mirador Sán Nicolás
  • bullring
  • Shopping Centre Nevada

Other tours and activities in Granada:


Frigiliana (10 min)

Frigiliana was chosen as the most beautiful village in Spain in 2016. The white village, situated on a mountain north of Nerja, is enchanting for its architecture and location. I have even dedicated my own article to Frigiliana. In this article, you can find all the information for a trip to Frigiliana.


Sights in Frigiliana:

  • Old Town
  • Fuente Vieja
  • Church San Antonio
  • International Festival of Three Cultures in August

Other tours and activities in Frigiliana:


The most beautiful cities in Andalusia – one to two hours drive from Nerja

Antequera (1 h 15 min)

Many people use Antequera as a stopover on their way to the El Torca nature reserve, an attraction for nature lovers and hikers. El Torca is known for its unique karst formations and is one of the most impressive landscapes in Spain. Antequera has a long history and offers its visitors places of interest such as the Alcazaba Antequera fortress and the Real Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor church. Even a UNESCO World Heritage Site has been in Antequera for over 6000 years. In the dolmens of Antequera you can see three well-preserved tombs made of huge stones.

Sights in Antequera:

  • Old Town
  • Alcazaba Antequera
  • Church Real Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor
  • The Antequera Dolmens
  • La Peña de los enamorados – the rock of lovers
  • El Torcal de Antequera Nature Reserve

Other tours and activities in Antequera:


Marbella (1 h 30 min)

The place where rich and beautiful people meet. Marbella is known for its luxury. At the harbour “Puerto Banús” you will find beautiful yachts, the noblest shops and extravagant restaurants and bars. The opportunity to immerse yourself in another world and experience good food and service. Marbella also has another side. In addition to all the luxury, Marbella also boasts a small historic old town, adorned with small streets in Andalusian style. Between the old town and the beach promenade, there is the Avenida del Mar. Eight large bronze statues were erected there by the world-famous artist Salvador Dalí. Marbella also offers a lot for the active holiday with good sports facilities, golf courses and water sports, as well as a large Wellness offer.

Sights in Marbella:

  • Old town
  • Parque de Alameda
  • Beach Prominade “Paseo Marítimo”
  • Avenida del Mar
  • Port “Puerto Banús”

Other tours and activities in Marbella:


Ronda (2 h)

The small town of Ronda is known for its breathtaking location on a high rock plateau. The deep gorge “El Tajo” lies between the new town and the old town. The districts are connected by the stone bridge “Puente Nuevo”, which also serves as a vantage point. The many white houses, the unique location and the great mountain landscape in the background make Ronda a magical place in Andalusia and therefore one of the most popular destinations.

Sights in Ronda:

  • Puente Nuevo
  • Plaza de Toros – The Bullring
  • The Arab Baths
  • Palace of Mondragon
  • Palace of the Moorish King
  • Arabian Wall and City Orchard
  • Place of the Duchess of Parcent
  • Cuenca Gardens
  • Balcón del Coño Viewpoints
  • Acinipo Ruins

Other tours and activities in Ronda:


The most beautiful cities in Andalusia – two to three hours drive from Nerja

These excursion destinations are very suitable in combination with an overnight stay.

Cordoba (2 h 15 min)

The antique Cordoba belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage since 1984 and enchants the people with its old town and sights. The highlight is the famous mosque Mezquita, which was consecrated to the Christian church in 1236. Right next to it you will find the Taberna Santos with the best tortilla you can find in Spain. Also worth seeing is the Palace of the Christian Kings “Alcazar de los Reyes Christianos” and the Roman bridge and temple.

Sights in Cordoba:

  • Mezquita
  • Tortilla de la Taberna Santos
  • Roman Temple
  • Roman bridge
  • Alcazar de los Reyes Christianos

Other tours and activities in Cordoba:


Gibraltar (2h 30 min)

Gibraltar is located in the southwest of Andalusia, about 2 hours and 30 minutes from Nerja. Once there, people suddenly speak English, it can be paid with English pounds and the typical red phone booths from England are visible. The English colony brings a piece of English culture to Andalusia and is famous for its big rock on the coast. The cable car takes you to the highest point in Gibraltar, where several monkeys cavort and a great view of Africa awaits you. With the Gorham’s Caves you will find another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Gibraltar and with the St. Michael’s Caves a popular natural spectacle to watch.

Sights in Gibraltar:

  • cable car
  • Rocks of Gibraltar
  • monkeys
  • Shopping in Gibraltar
  • stalactite caverns
  • lighthouse

Other tours and activities in Gibraltar:


Sevilla (3 h)

The capital of Andalusia is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and, due to its impressive buildings, served as the location for the successful series Game of Thrones. The varied history of Seville shapes the architecture of the city and makes it a historical experience. Seville’s tradition and sights make it a major tourist attraction in Europe. You should plan your trip in spring or autumn/winter. In summer, temperatures can exceed 40 degrees, which can severely limit your activities.

Sights in Seville:

  • Alcazar
  • Giralda and Cathedral
  • Plaza espana
  • Park Luisa
  • bullring
  • Metropol parasol
  • Casa de Pilatos
  • Puente de Isabell

Other tours and activities in Seville:


Cadiz (3 h 15 min)

The port city of Cadiz is the oldest city in Europe and is considered the stronghold of carnival in Spain. The impressive old town of Cadiz is filled with magnificent buildings and picturesque towers from the 17th and 18th centuries. At the beach promenade of the old town, you will find the fine sandy beach “La Caleta”, which lies exactly between the two historical fortresses. Although Cadiz is a real eye-catcher, the tourist rush is limited. The city is never really crowded and the ideal place for those who want to make an impressive city tour without crowds.

Sights in Cadiz:

  • Cathedral of Cádiz
  • Fortress Castillo de San Sebastián
  • Viewpoint Torre Tavira
  • The Roman Theatre
  • The Plaza de San Juan de Dios
  • Genovés Park
  • La Caleta Beach

Other tours and activities in Cadiz:


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