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Nerja is located on one of the southernmost points in Europe. Due to the situation, the average temperatures are above the European level. The location on the Mediterranean sea ensures cool temperatures on the land and pleasant water temperatures for a beach vacation. The inhabitants of the region call the climate “El Mejor Clima de Europa”, which means “the best climate in Europe”. There is probably something to it that the Costa del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in summer. Find out when the best time to go is for you:

Temperatures – Nerja, Costa del Sol
Month Min. Temp. Max. Temp. Hours of sunshine / day Rainydays / month
Jan 2 °C 12 °C 5 8
Feb 3 °C 14 °C 5 8
Mar 4 °C 17 °C 6 10
Apr 7 °C 20 °C 7 10
May 10 °C 22 °C 7 8
Jun 15 °C 31 °C 8 2
Jul 17 °C 34 °C 11 1
Aug 17 °C 33 °C 10 1
Sep 14 °C 29 °C 8 4
Oct 10 °C 23 °C 6 7
Nov 6 °C 17 °C 5 8
Dec 3 °C 13 °C 4 10

When is the best time to go to Nerja?

The most popular travel time for Nerja is Summer (May through September). During this time it is warm to hot, dry and the water temperature is pleasant. The perfect time to spend a lot of time at the beach. In the months of June to September, the majority of tourists are visiting Nerja. From November to March the temperature is pleasant to cool. Autumn in this region is ideal for sports activities or city sightseeing. The temperatures drop to a comfortable level and there is little rain. Just right for an active holiday. In winter there are fewer tourists. For those, who like it relaxed and enjoy the peace should visit Nerja at this time. During winter you can, for example, observe the caves of Nerja or other sights without hustle.

Beach season in Nerja

The months of May to September offer you the ideal temperature for the beach visits. Usually, temperatures at the end of April are high enough for swimming. The last beach season month of the year is October, which usually still brings pleasant temperatures. Depending on the weather and the year, however, the months of April and October may vary. In the winter months, high temperatures can be reached, but the splashing in the water is more for brave.

Average water temperature – Costa del Sol (Mediterranean sea)
January 15 °C
February 14 °C
March 14 °C
April 16 °C
May 18 °C
June 19 °C
July 22 °C
August 23 °C
September 21 °C
October 21 °C
November 16 °C
December 14 °C

Nerja is a popular destination for tourists and shows its true beauty in summer with stunning beaches and coves. Fall is the right time to get active with pleasant temperatures for hikes or city sightseeing. In winter, Nerja is relaxing and peaceful. During this time you can admire the beauties of the Costa del Sol with fewer tourists.

Do you have any other tips about the climate or weather in Nerja?

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