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Your vacation planning is still pending? In my article you will get a good overview of Nerja. The jewel of the Costa del Sol, as it is called by the locals, should be worth a visit on your next stay in Andalusia.

Location and tourism

Nerja is located in Andalusia on the Mediterranean Sea of the province of Málaga. It belongs to the region of La Axarquía. With its 22,000 inhabitants, the small town is one of the most beautiful places on the Costa del Sol coast.

Every year thousands of tourists visit the resort. The warm temperatures and the 14 kilometers of coastline make Nerja a popular seaside resort in Europe. At a total of ten stretches of beach, Nerja offers its guests clean and free swimming facilities to relax. A delicious cocktail at the beach bar and a paella in the restaurant completes the Spanish seaside holiday.


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In the eastern district of Nerja is Maro. Those who like it quiet and contemplative will appreciate the small village. For divers, there is one of the most beautiful diving areas of the Costa del Sol. Anyone who wants to see the Caves of Nerja will visit Maro at the latest.

Small town with great offers

The center of Nerja is very easy to explore on foot and the range of bars and restaurants is great. The old town is the most crowded place. Winding streets with small shops make shopping a new experience for you in Nerja. With impressive sights, such as the viewing platform Balcon de Europa or the caves of Nerja, a lot of entertainment is offered in addition to the beach holiday. Visitors should not avoid festivities and events in Nerja. These make you miraculously immerse yourself in the Andalusian culture. For example, at the folk festival Feria there is a loud celebration over several days and it opens its doors in October.

Nerja Balcon de Europa

In addition to sights and events, Nerja also offers a huge range of outdoor activities. Check out my category Activities, which shows you some experiences you can make around Nerja.

Best travel time for Nerja?

The southern location of Nerja provides warmth and plenty of sunshine. In summer, the thermometer regularly reaches temperatures of over 35 degrees. Nevertheless, the climate on the coast remains milder than inland. The beach season starts from April to October. In the months of June to September, the majority of tourists are coming to Nerja. At this time the beaches are well filled. From November to March the temperature is pleasant to cool. The ideal time for sports activities or for city sightseeing. Nerja is located in the center of the most beautiful places of Andalusia and offers good connections for day trips to Malaga and Granada. Other places you can find in my category Costa del Sol.

Alhambra Granada
Alhambra in Granada

Experience the Andalusian history and culture in Nerja

In Nerja there are several hundred years of architectural art. The historic district is home to the 18th-century Christian El Salvador Cathedral. Next to it is the main attraction of Nerja, the Balcón de Europa. This is not only known for its beautiful views but has also entered into Spanish history through a memorable speech by Alfonso the XII.

The Balcón de Europa is a hub for artists and local events. The locals maintain their traditions and customs. These are reflected in the many celebrations. Among the most beautiful is the Carnival in February, the Semana Santa at Easter, the mountain running – Romería de San Isidro in May and the Feria in October. At no other moment can the Spanish tradition be felt and experienced better.

Essen in Nerja

The Spanish flair can be found everywhere in Nerja. The climax comes in the evening when it pulls people into the streets. A variety of bars, restaurants, and events invites you to. Andalusian cuisine is part of everyday life here. Enjoy one or two Cerveza’s at the tapas bar or order a delicious Secreto Ibérico at the restaurant. The large selection of fish and seafood due to the location by the sea let lovers get fresh and good quality. Some restaurants also offer flamenco performances. This is the traditional Spanish music and dance art practiced with passion in Nerja.

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